How we help

You can support a child by paying for their School or University fees. When you do this, you also get to build a friendship with your student by writing letters of encouragement and support. 

Our Story

Our journey started back in 2007 when it became apparent there was a sudden need for resources and funds inside education in Zimbabwe. There is also extremely high potential among students in Zimbabwe. All they lack is the finances and equipment.

Our first point of call was meeting the heads of a school and asking them what they needed. They asked for textbooks which we provided through our local community here in the UK donating old school books. The success of doing this was evident with the school going from 20% of students passing to 90%. From here on, the project continued to grow into what it is today.

Twelve years later our commitment to making education accessible and improving the quality in schools in Zimbabwe is slowly flourishing. We do this by one on one sponsorship, skillset workshops, leadership camps, sports days and youth events. 100% of all donations and sponsorship fees goes straight towards the cause!

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